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Ottawa, Canada – (August 23, 2016) – Sidense Corp., a leading developer of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) One-Time Programmable (OTP) IP cores, today announced that it has demonstrated successful operation of its patented SHF 1T-OTP memory macros at TSMC’s 16FF+ and 16FFC process nodes.

Don Dingee — published 08-24-2016

Power. Every device needs it. Managing it properly can make all the difference between a device people enjoy using and one that is more hassle than it is worth. What happens between the battery and the processor is the job of the power management integrated circuit (PMIC).

Customized PMICs with OTP in automotive and IoT

Market Spotlight

The mobile device market continues to increase rapidly and the incorporation of sensors in smartphones is also rising. Embedded NVM can be used with all of these sensors to optimize the various smartphone subsystems.


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Sidense Showcase

The explosion of information that IoT devices will gather will require huge numbers of sensors and processors to acquire, process and manage data. Virtually every one of the projected billions of IoT devices can use some amount of OTP memory.

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Supported Foundries

  • ON Semi
  • Global Foundries
  • MagnaChip
  • SMIC
  • TSMC
  • Tower Jazz
  • UMC
  • Fujitsu

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