Wlodek Kurjanowicz, Founder and CTO

With over 30 years of IC design and manufacturing experience, Wlodek Kurjanowicz has lead numerous design, design automation and design analysis groups. In 2003 he founded Sidense Corp. with a vision to build a reliable NVM solution for sub 100nm CMOS technologies. In 1998 he co-founded ATMOS Corp., the embedded memory IP company, which he lead as its Chief Technology Officer to become the world leading provider of embedded DRAM compilers. Wlodek became a Mosys Fellow following the ATMOS acquisition by Mosys Inc. (Nasdaq: MOSY) in 2002. Prior to that, he managed the Design Analysis Group and held the position of Senior Technical Advisor at Chipworks, and was a Member of Technical Staff at Semiconductor Insights Inc. He also held various IC Design Manager and IC Technology Manager positions in a Polish semiconductor plant. He holds six patents in addition to several pending applications in the memory IP space.

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