Sidense offers One Time Programmable (OTP) macro in UMCs 130nm Logic CMOS process

Ottawa, Canada - January 9th, 2006 - Sidense Corp. announced today that it has developed an embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP) core, targeted towards UMC's 130nm standard logic digital CMOS process.

"We are proud to announce that our 1T-Fuse™ technology has been silicon proven in UMC's 130nm logic CMOS process. This allows UMC's customers to design their SOC's using our cost-effective, secure and embedded OTP memory" said Xerxes Wania, President and C.E.O. of Sidense Corp. "We have designed and tested several mega bits of our 1T-Fuse™ memory so that UMC's customers have a choice for OTP memory for low bit applications such as Unique ID and RFID as well as, applications that require larger blocks, such as storage of boot processor code, replacement of external FLASH and MASK programmable ROMs”.

Sidense's OTP memory macros do not require any additional masks or process steps and utilize only one transistor as a memory cell, positioning it as a leader in area efficient, secure, and low power, NVM IP core solutions.

About UMC

UMC (NYSE: UMC, TSE: 2303) is a leading global semiconductor foundry that manufactures advanced process ICs for applications spanning every major sector of the semiconductor industry. UMC delivers cutting-edge foundry technologies that enable sophisticated system-on-chip (SoC) designs, including volume production 90nm, industry-leading 65nm, and mixed signal/RFCMOS. UMC's 10 wafer manufacturing facilities include two advanced 300mm fabs; Fab 12A in Taiwan and Singapore-based Fab 12i are both in volume production for a variety of customer products. The company employs approximately 10,500 people worldwide and has offices in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Europe, and the United States . UMC can be found on the web at

About Sidense

Sidense Corp., focuses on developing Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP) cores to be embedded onto standard logic digital CMOS Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and custom Integrated Circuits (ICs). Sidense's 1T-Fuse™ technology is most suitable for feature sizes of 130, 90, 65nm and smaller. Potential applications include electrical fuse, FLASH and MASK programmable ROM replacement, code storage, RFID, Unique ID, encryption, key storage and in Digital Rights Management. They currently have offices in Mississauga and Ottawa, Canada .


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