The communications market is seeing two significant trends over the past few years – a surge in the number of mobile communications devices, led by smartphones and tablets, and an increasing use of cloud storage for user data and user-accessible content via the Internet. High-speed data centers and increasing bandwidth requirements are major communications drivers.

These factors have created a need for low-power systems and devices on both a large scale (data centers) and a small one (cell phones). As more and more information flows over networks connecting devices and the cloud, the need for high security during this information transfer becomes critical for protecting user data and for Digital Rights Management (DRM). In addition, mobile devices are continuously adding and enhancing functionality beyond pure communications (video, GPS, cameras, motion detection), creating a need for higher and higher performance and the ability to update capabilities after sale to the end user.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications is also a large component of the wireless segment of the communications market. As part of the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem, M2M communications will see a rapid increase as IoT continues to develop and grow.

The evolving communications market is expanding the need for highly secure and low power systems and devices. In turn, this is increasing market opportunities for very low power and secure and reliable NVM/OTP memory with in-system programmable capability.