The industrial market has continued to gain momentum over the past few years, fueled by growing interest in and demand for green buildings and security systems. Among the strongest drivers in this market segment are lighting, video surveillance, and fire alarms for office and commercial buildings, which include smart offices.

The ‘smart’ label that is applied to homes and offices is expanding to cover the various infrastructure components of “smart cities” as well. Digital and Internet-enabled city infrastructure is now being increasingly applied to smart meters and smart grids to control and monitor electricity, gas, water, waste and other city “basics.” The smart city concept is expanding to include not just homes, offices and other buildings, but also healthcare, education transportation, security and other personnel needs.

NVM is an important component in industrial market growth, with a heavy need for cost-effective, secure and reliable OTP in both sensor and data processing applications. Many applications, especially in factory automation and process control, also require high temperature and/or high voltage operation of the components, including NVM, used in these applications. High temperature NVM is also needed in many energy exploration and avionics systems.