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Antifuse Memory IP Fuels Low-power Designs

Article in by Jim Lipman,

Abstract -   Embedded nonvolatile memory is becoming more prevalent in a wide range of chips, particularly for power-sensitive applications.  Read the complete story....

Designing Low-Power Field-Programmable OTP Memory Arrays

Article in by Jim Lipman,

Abstract -  With off-chip memory access being one of the major contributors to chip power dissipation, designers are turning to embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) for a variety of mobile and other power-sensitive applications.  Read the complete story....

CFRA Market Monitor

Meet Us - Conference/Event Listings
Podcast on CFRA with Walter Traversy and Pina Bernardi
Abstract - Local profile of Sidense with Xerxes Wania, President and CEO.

EE Times updates list of emerging startups

Article in EE Times by Peter Clarke

Abstract - The EE Times 60 Emerging Startups list, first published in April 2004, has been updated to version 7.0 to reflect the latest corporate, commercial, technology and market conditions. Read the complete story....

Why Replacing ROM with 1T-OTP Makes Sense

Article in ChipEstimate by Jim Lipman

Abstract - The microelectronics industry is noteworthy for its innovations in both technology and design methodology. Read the complete story....

Sidense snags $6M in new funding

Article in The Ottawa Citizen by Bert Hill,

Abstract - Sidense Inc., a four-year-old Ottawa startup, has stepped out of stealth mode to announce $6 million in new funding to drive sales and marketing. Read the complete story....

Notes from ESC Sidense: OTP memory IP slipping between the stereotypes

Article in EDN by Ron Wilson,

Abstract - If you ask system designers today about one-time-programmable memory, they tend to think either of large, mask-programmed chips used for code storage, or of tiny amounts--bits or bytes--of embedded OTP used to store ID numbers, encryption keys, or trimming data on chips. Read the complete story....

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