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Thanks for the LNV Memory

Article in EDA Weekly by Peggy Aycinena

Lucky were those who attended a feisty event last October in Silicon Valley entitled:
The LNVM Imperative: What You Must Know!

It not only included breakfast, it also included a smorgasbord of useful info served up by a panel of brainiacks – experts all of them – on the topic of logical nonvolatile memory, LNVM.
If you missed that tasty 3-hour feast, this is the fast-food recap. Appetizers are courtesy of iSuppli's Jordan Selburn. The main course comes by way of eMemory Technology's Charles Hsu, Impinj's Larry Morrell, and Virage Logic's David Sowards. Dessert and coffee are attributable to Sidense Corp.'s Xerxes Wania. Read the complete story....

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