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Featured Tech Talk: Using Antifuse 1T-OTP for Analog Trimming and Calibration

Tech Talk featured by  Written by Craig Downing and Jim Lipman, Sidense

Abstract -   

Analog ICs, sensors and mixed-signal SoCs that include analog circuitry, such as Power Management ICs (PMICs), need to meet precise specifications for analog signal behavior. Variations in chip processing and effects of the packaging process result in unpredictable deviations of analog circuits and sensors from their target specifications. To compensate for these deviations, analog circuitry needs to be trimmed or calibrated by adjusting part of the circuitry, for example, resistance values that vary the behavior of an analog-to-digital converter. In addition, as IC developers continue to strive for reduced power consumption and cost by moving to smaller geometries, the problem of optimizing the analog circuitry becomes more important as process variations tend to have a larger effect on analog circuit behavior.

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