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November 2013

A quarterly look at embedded NVM/OTP happenings


Tom Schild, VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Sidense

Executive Opinion:
Why Customers Choose Sidense OTP

Tom Schild, VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Sidense


An important part of developing and selling a product is understanding why your customers want the specific product you have vs. products offered by your competitors. This is the case for Sidense - we want to know why people want to use our antifuse-based one-transistor-OTP (1T-OTP) non-volatile memory IP instead of the OTP IP that they can purchase from several other companies. To understand what our customers need and want, we look at two general classes of applications for which they are developing their chips: automotive/industrial and consumer.

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NVM on the Mind

  • Adapting Non-Volatile Memory to Evolving Markets

    Troy Gilliland, Synopsys (October 25, 2013)

    As applications such as near-field communications (NFC), radio-frequency identification (RFID), and advanced sensors require more embedded non-volatile memory (NVM), designers are driven to incorporate advanced NVM technology to meet system demands. This article will highlight the key power, area, and reliability requirements of these markets and show how the requirements continue to change over time.

  • MRAM Begins To Attract Attention

    Mark LaPedus (September 19, 2013)

    MRAM is a promising technology that delivers the speeds of SRAM and the non-volatility of flash with unlimited endurance. At one time, MRAM was even billed as a "universal memory," which is a single product that could replace today's DRAM, flash and SRAM. MRAM, however, is just now getting off the ground after years of delays, and the technology is no longer being promoted as a "universal memory."

  • Crossbar unveils resistive RAM with simple, three-layer structure

    (August 2013)

    Crossbar has unveiled a new Resistive RAM (RRAM) technology that will be capable of storing up to one terabyte (TB) of data on a single 200mm2 chip. The technology is based on a simple three-layer structure of silver, amorphous silicon and silicon and is capable of withstanding temperature swings up to 125°C, with up to 10,000 cycles, and retention of 10 years.


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  • SemIsrael Expo

    Airport City, Israel, November 18, 2013
    Avenue Conference Center, Airport City, Israel
  • ARM Technical Symposium Europe

    Paris, France - Thursday, December 13, 2012
    Cap 15 - 1/13 Quai de Grenelle, 75015 Paris, France

    To schedule a meeting with Sidense at either the European ARM Technology Symposium or the SemIsrael Expo, please contact: Wim van Seters, + 33 6 89 12 31 69, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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