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December 2010

A quarterly look at embedded NVM/OTP happenings

Xerxes Wania, President and CEO, Sidense

Executive Opinion: A Message from the CEO

Xerxes Wania, President and CEO, Sidense

Since this is the last NVM Insider for 2010, I wanted to take the occasion to thank our customers, partners and friends for your support throughout what has been a fairly challenging year for the electronics industry.

Despite the speed bumps, Sidense's fiscal year ending Sept 30, 2010 was another great one. New business bookings have really picked up and we are anticipating the current quarter to be the best Sidense quarter ever. We owe this success to the smart work of our employees and to the confidence, trust and support our customers have shown in the Sidense team.

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Rich Goldman, Synopsys

Outside Thoughts: We Should Call It QIP

By Rich Goldman, Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Strategic Alliances, Synopsys, Inc. and
Chief Executive Officer, Synopsys Armenia

In our industry, we call it IP. But that's confusing because IP is already commonly used in another context, so we procured SIP - Semiconductor IP. However, IP is far too powerful a concept to be a mere sip. Over on the Verification side, we call it VIP, clever because it rightfully evokes something that is Very Important.

On the implementation side, we should call it QIP - Quality IP, because quality is the defining attribute of all successful IP businesses. Quality IP is intensely important because unlike EDA tools, IP is actually fabricated in customers' designs. There is nowhere for bugs to hide. Once they are manufactured into silicon, they are there forever, or until an expensive respin or workaround is done.

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Tech Tidbits

Tech Tidbits: Raising the Bar

Todd Humes, VP of Research and Development, Sidense

To be successful, semiconductor IP providers must provide IP to their customers that enables them to add value to their products. This IP has to be reliable, cost-effective and come with a high level of service to enable them to have an edge over their competitors. In addition, the IP must be able to provide what customers need not only today, but down the road, when they are designing new products that take advantage of evolving technology. A leading OTP IP provider such as Sidense must continuously be "raising the bar" and looking at ways to help customers take advantage of new design techniques and silicon processes.

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