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December 2008

A quarterly look at embedded NVM/OTP happenings

Executive Opinion: Ramping Up On Hard IP Product Lines

Rhéal Gervais, Vice President of Operations, Sidense

The challenges of running the Operations Group at a hard IP vendor company such as Sidense may not be so obvious to the outside world. If we simply spend a few minutes focused on product definitions, you’ll get a flavor for what I mean.

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Outside Thoughts:  NVM Opportunities

Bill Martin, Mentor Graphics

The high technology community has always been innovative. Regardless of the technical or business issues that exist, clever individuals create or find solutions to these issues. As we entered the new millennium, four apparently opposing issues have hit products at the same time: rapid increases in product development costs, increasing worldwide pressure for ‘green’ products, faster moving and larger consumer markets, and increasing integration capabilities and challenges. Let’s examine each briefly and examine how Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) can be used for each.

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