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December 2009

A quarterly look at embedded NVM/OTP happenings

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Tech Tidbits: Converting Sidense OTP to Mask Programmable ROM

Todd Humes, VP of Product Engineering and Jim Lipman, Director of Marketing, Sidense

For large amounts of on-chip code and data, mask ROM provides an inexpensive and easily programmed storage mechanism. However, the inability to configure ROM after wafer processing means that information stored in the ROM cannot be changed in the field, either to correct errors or to provide updated storage, which can lead to expensive silicon re-spins and time-to-product delays.

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Tomasz Wojcicki, VP of Engineering, Sidense

Executive Opinion: Successful Memory IP Development Depends on GEP

Tomasz Wojcicki, VP of Engineering, Sidense

Through years of experience, people develop ‘their’ ways of doing things. With time they become ‘their own’ best engineering practices. Some of these are captured in writing and become part of a Good Engineering Practice (GEP). Some never leave the stage of ‘my’ best engineering practice.

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Outside Thoughts: The Importance of Specialized Memory Markets: Embedded NVM and OTP

Bob Merritt and Sherry L. Garber, Convergent Semiconductors

The forecast for the memory market always appears to center around a move to a universal memory that will replace all of the other memory types in the marketplace. This might be possible if end applications would quit expanding the range of memory performance attributes. Instead what is happening is a demand for a greater variety of memory types. One of those is Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), with demand that is growing exponentially as mobile devices with lower cost requirements proliferate. One of the stars is embedded NVM.

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Customer Corner: WHDI – The New Standard for Wireless Whole Home Uncompressed HD

AMIMON uses OTP memory in implementing the WHDI security layer
Noam Geri, VP Marketing & Business Development, AMIMON Inc.

Wireless Home Digital Interface™ (WHDI™) is the new wireless High-Definition video standard that will change the way people use Audio/Video devices in the home. WHDI is the first and only standard that enables top-quality wireless uncompressed HD video delivery throughout the home, allowing consumers to connect any source in the home to any display.

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