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Sidense: who we are and what we do

By Andrew Faulkner, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Sidense


Why Embedded NVM is an Important Part of Every SoC

By Xerxes Wania, Sidense President and CEO, IP-SoC Conference, December 2015

Virtually every SoC needs some type of memory to perform one or more critical functions, including code storage, secure key storage, device configuration, analog/sensor trimming and calibration, and device identification. As device cost, power and security considerations continue to grow in importance, more of this memory is being embedded into the SoCs that contain processor, communication and encryption cores, along with other IP.



Gabriele Saucier of Design and Reuse interviews Sidense President and CEO Xerxes Wania at IP-SoC 2015

Published December, 2015




Selecting NVM Memory for the Smart Connected Universe – Sidense Webinar

Published on 18 May 2015

Andrew Faulkner discusses how your Smart Connected design can benefit from Sidense’s 1T-OTP memory IP. The webinar focuses on Smart Connected Universe Applications, OTP Requirements, and Sidense’s 1T-OTP Solutions.



Memory Requirements in the Smart Connected Universe

Presented by Jim Lipman in the ChipEstimate.com IP Talks! booth at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2015.



Ultra Low Power Non Volatile Memory for the Smart Connected Universe

Presented by Wlodek Kurjanowicz in the TSMC OIP Theatre at the Design Automation Conference (DAC) 2015.



Treasure of the Semiconductor Madre

Seeking EDA Gold (and Answers) with Xerxes Wania

Bust out the pickaxes and dynamite, we’re looking for gold in ‘dem ‘der hills. Xerxes Wania (CEO – Sidense) joins Fish Fry this week to dig into the treasure trove of issues found deep in the semiconductor and EDA industries today. Xerxes and I scour the land for faults and break out our trusty gold pans to find the answers… and it ain’t pretty my friends.




Season Finale: We close Season 5 by catching up with Xerxes Wania, President & CEO, Sidense.

Published on 23 Apr 2015

Warren uncovers Xerxes’ history in electronics and gets the low down on what he has been up to since the two worked together at Synopsys. Xerxes shares the ins and outs of startup culture, carving out a tech niche in Canada, and making a name in semiconductors.


Electronic Engineering Journal by Amelia Dalton (interview with Xerxes Wania)

Listen to the podcast » “Amelia’s Weekly Fish Fry”


Jim Lipman, Director of Marketing, Sidense presents 1T One-Time Programmable Non-Volatile Memory


Jim Lipman interview with Sean O’Kane ChipEstimate.TV at TSMC OIP Forum


IEC Executive Perspectives DesignCon 2009 Xerxes Wania, President and CEO