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Sidense Wins: United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Affirms District Court Decisions

In its one-word opinion, Federal Circuit “AFFIRMED” Sidense’s summary judgment of non-infringement and dismissal of all of Kilopass’ claims.     Read More

Sidense wins patent infringement case against Kilopass

" ... The Court finds that there is no genuine dispute of material fact that Sidense’s technology does not infringe three of the claim limitations of the patents-in-suit. The Court therefore GRANTS Sidense’s motion for summary judgment...."
Susan Illston, United States District Judge

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Sidense 1T-OTP NVM Products

- Smallest Footprint
- Broad Process Node Availability
- Secure, Reliable Solution
The key ingredient for silicon success.

Sidense develops industry-leading one time programmable embedded NVM (Non Volatile Memory IP) that helps SoC designers achieve extraordinary results in cost, density, reliability, security and power using standard-logic CMOS processes.


Sidense one-time programmable read only memory IP(ROM, PROM) NVM products built using patented 1T-Fuse

Sidense one-time programmable (OTP) products are built using a patented 1T-Fuse™ architecture, delivering the industry's smallest footprint, lowest power, highest performance and most reliable OTP.


What People Are Saying About Sidense

"We chose Sidense NVM for our power management products, since the small 1T-OTP macro size, compared to what would be needed if we used multi-time programmable (MTP) memory, allows us to use a smaller chip, giving us a cost advantage over our competitors. Low-power 1T-OTP also gives us a fast read access time, foundry-qualified operation up to 150 degrees C, and we have the flexibility to convert the 1T-OTP into mask ROM for programming at test."

Osbert Lin, RD Deputy Director at Richtek

"We chose Sidense for our one-time programmable memory because of its high reliability and excellent data retention properties. These qualities are very important, particularly for our automotive customers."

Xu Gang, VP of R&D at MV Silicon

"We chose Sidense OTP for code storage in our Telran transceiver platform due to its small footprint, low power consumption and scalability to advanced process nodes for future designs. Sidense OTP helps us to deliver devices to our customers that maximize battery life and meet their performance needs."

Alison Burdett, CTO at Toumaz Microsystems

"Aptina chose Sidense OTP for storing calibration and lens correction information in our image sensor and companion chip products for its small macro area, reliable field programmability to support correction in finished modules, and scalability to new process nodes for future product development. Because Sidense's OTP does not add any additional processing steps or masks to our sensor process, Aptina benefits with a cost and time savings."

Sion Quinlan, Director of Circuit IP at Aptina

"The protection of media content is an important feature of our product line. We found that the technology represented by the Sidense 1T-OTP memory IP was the best available for implementing the level of security that we and our customers require."

Steve Musallam, Vice President of Product Marketing at Magnum Semiconductor

"Because our product is used in mobile handsets, power and form factor are paramount. The excellent support received from Sidense has helped us realize first-pass silicon success."

Domingo Figueredo, VP of Engineering, Parkervision

"Using Sidense's 1T-Fuse™-based memory arrays gives us a highly secure, reliable and the industry's smallest field-programmable embedded OTP memory for our HDMI products. OTP hardware solutions from Sidense let us securely store the encryption keys that protect valuable digital content."

Junzo Shimizu, President and CEO of SLI

"Sidense's OTP IP will allow our customers to meet their very aggressive power targets. Additionally, Sidense's OTP is very small, which allows our customers in competitive markets, such as the consumer space, to achieve their low-cost goals."

Henry Liu, Senior Director of Design Services Division at SMIC

"Sidense technology is compact, secure, robust and power efficient, all of which makes it our preferred solution for embedding secure digital content protection into our XCode™ series of video processors."

Hugh Chow, COO of ViXS Systems

"AMIMON chose Sidense OTP for its reliability and security, which represent two very important considerations in designing components for ;the home and business wireless video equipment market. We are also extremely pleased with the level of support Sidense has given us during pre- and post-sales."

Aviram Matosevich, Vice President of R&D, AMIMON

"One key aspect of the PC clock business is retaining cost competitiveness to non-programmable solutions, and Sidense has the unique advantage of being the smallest OTP in a standard CMOS process. Therefore it is by definition the lowest cost electrically programmable NV memory available."

Greg Richmond, VP Engineering and CTO, SpectraLinear Inc.

"Sidense's low-cost and dense one-time programmable memory gives our common customers the ability to securely store data and code in their products. The high level of service provided by both Sidense and UMC helps assure that these customers experience a smooth transition into silicon production."

Stephen Fu, Directory of the Digital IP Development division at UMC


Applications: digital consumer, mobile, wireless, RFID, code storage, analog trimming, automotive, industrial, configurable processors, medical applications.

Sidense Logic NVM IP is broadly applied in: digital consumer, mobile, wireless, RFID, code storage, analog trimming, automotive, industrial, configurable processors & logic, and medical applications.



Products: SiPROM, SLP, ULP, eFuse and Flash alternative, nonvolatile memories

Sidense: 50% smaller, 80% lower power, 10ns access times, densities to 8Mb, available from 180nm – 28nm at the leading foundries in their standard-logic CMOS processes.


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